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ballsflash.gif (1653 bytes) What is it?  The ability to run the Bottom Line Service System from anywhere you have an internet connection.

ballsflash.gif (1653 bytes) How does it work?  We provide the cloud hosting service to run our software and host your data files on our servers so that you can access Bottom Line from anywhere you can use the internet. We will setup your cloud users and place the necessary shortcuts on your desktop to access The Bottom Line Cloud System the first time you sign on.

ballsflash.gif (1653 bytes) What about my current data?  For our current users, we place your current data,  pdf and attachment files on the hosting server so that when you sign on to the Bottom Line Cloud System, you have all your information available to you immediately.

ballsflash.gif (1653 bytes) What are the benefits? 

     1. Bottom Line Software manages your cloud environment and installs all of your software updates and upgrades for you making it a 1 stop shop for your computing needs.

     2. Less demand, maintenance and expense on your local hardware. Since you are not running Bottom Line locally all you need is a laptop, tablet, or desktop computer with an internet connection.

     3. Complete access to all Bottom Line Cloud System functions from anywhere you have internet access.

     4. Will work with any Windows or Apple device.

     5. Field access to Bottom Line instantaneously provided you have an solid Internet connection.

     6. Data backup/restores done for you.


ballsflash.gif (1653 bytes) How does the data backup work?  You have the ability within the Bottom Line Cloud System to back up your current data files to a separate folder on your hosting server whenever you want to.  Also, your data files will be backed up once a day via the entire cloud server backup process.


ballsflash.gif (1653 bytes) Can I copy my Bottom Line files to my local computer?  Yes,  you have the built-in ability within the Bottom Line Cloud System to copy your files from the cloud server to your local computer and from your local computer to the cloud server.

ballsflash.gif (1653 bytes) Can I still print and e-mail out of Bottom Line?  Yes, you can print to local printers and e-mail just as you have before.

ballsflash.gif (1653 bytes) Do I need any Bottom Line Software loaded locally?  No,  you will be using your hosted software exclusively.

ballsflash.gif (1653 bytes) When will my tech in the truck see his updated schedule?  Immediately, when you create or modify service calls the information is updated on the tech's dispatch board in real-time. The  dispatch board in the truck will display any information you changed or added right then.  You can also control the tech's ability to only see his/her dispatch zone.

ballsflash.gif (1653 bytes) Can I control what zone my tech has access to?  Yes,  you can limit the tech's ability to only see his/her dispatch zone.

ballsflash.gif (1653 bytes) Can I see what information was added in the field?  Yes,  the Bottom Line Cloud System provides the ability to keep all users updated wherever they may be located.

ballsflash.gif (1653 bytes) How can I control what my users do?  When a user signs onto the Bottom Line Cloud System, an individual will still be limited by the software's built in access level feature to determine what functions are available to any individual user within any portion of the system. 

ballsflash.gif (1653 bytes)What does it cost initially?  For current Bottom Line service system users on our latest version,  the Cloud System upgrade fee is $1,500.00 and there is a one time $250 setup fee.   Thereafter, the annual cloud license fee is $1,500.00 which includes one year of email technical support, all software upgrades, updates and installation of these for you.

ballsflash.gif (1653 bytes)What does it cost monthly?  Monthly cloud access charges can be quoted by contacting and providing the number of users you need to access the Bottom Line Cloud System.

 ballsflash.gif (1653 bytes)What is included in the setup fee?  The set up fee includes the installation of the Bottom Line Cloud software, the creation of all required directories and the placement of current data,  PDF's, and attachment files on the hosting server. For existing users, we will install your current information so when you access the Bottom Line Cloud System your business will pick up just where it left off. 

ballsflash.gif (1653 bytes) Do I need to buy any new software to run it?  No,  With most hosting companies, Windows computers can run it right now with existing software.  Mac and some portable devices may need to download a free app.


Hardware Requirements

Runs on Windows computers, Mac computers and most portable devices.


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