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 The Bottom Line Service System is a powerful, cost-effective solution for automating your service business. We give you more software and more features for the money than any other service management software on the market today. The system is completely and seamlessly integrated. Information saved in one program is instantly and automatically saved in other areas of the system, keeping ALL files completely up-to-date. Our time-tested software has been providing a competitive edge for service contractors since 1989.  In 1994 we produced the very first Windows-based service management package and now provide support for Windows 95/98/2000/ME/NT/XP/Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8, 8.1 and Windows 10(tm) versions.  So keeping current with technology and providing solid software is nothing new to us.

The built-in features our system offers are listed below; however, these descriptions do not even scratch the surface of all that it can actually do for you. For more detailed information download our FREE Demo and take a visual tour of the Bottom Line Service System for Windows. After all, a picture is worth a thousand words!

The Bottom Line Service System includes the following features.  For more details, simply click your mouse on the item you wish to review.

  1. Customer and Job Name Tracking    Screen Shot
  2. Work Orders, Invoices, Quotes ( for T & M  or Flat Rate billing ).    Screen Shot
  3. Accounts Receivable and Accounting
  4. Sales Tax Calculation and Reporting Features
  5. Preventive Maintenance Tracking and Scheduling
  6. Warranty Tracking    Screen Shot
  7. Dispatching and Job Scheduling     Screen Shot
  8. Performance Reporting
  9. Unlimited Multi-Site Inventory Control     Screen Shot
  10. Flat Rate Billing Data Base     Screen Shot
  11. Marketing and Sales Leads Analysis
  12. Accounting Interface
  13. Flat Rate Billing Interface
  14. System Wide Ease of Use

Customer & Job Name Tracking

Automatically maintains a complete customer database that can be accessed by name, address, phone, job address, job phone, or e-mail address.

Automatically maintains a complete job site database that can be accessed by customer name, billing address, job site name, job address, phone, or e-mail address.

No Limits on the number of customers the system can hold.

No Limits on the number of job sites per customer.

Look up lists and alpha search features let you quickly and easily find customers and job names.  The alpha search feature allows you to search for any text in the field.  For example, you can search for any customer located on "Baker Street".

Instant work order, invoice, quote and credit memo history look up by customer or individual job location. You don’t even have to generate a report to see a complete history for your customers (even though you may do so, if you wish!) It is all immediately available when you pull up a customer.

No limits on the amount of equipment and warranty information that can be entered at each customer or job site location. Automatically updates equipment records with part number, description, serial number and warranty dates upon entry of new equipment sold on invoices.

Customer Notepad for each customer and job location with date/time stamp capabilities with one click of your mouse.

Records directions or map coordinates to each job site.

Tracks specific items or supplies needed for each job site.

Group customers into your own categories for powerful reporting capabilities.

Built-in import function allows you to import customer data from other systems.

"On-the-fly" setup capabilities for customers and job names from work order screen add customers and job names to the system automatically, as you work.

Customer and Job Name Preferences allow you to set up standard defaults to automate setting up new customers and job names.

Global customer and job name record editing provides the ability to change any number of customers or job name records at one time.

Attach .jpg (pictures) , .doc (Word documents) , .txt (text files),  .xls (Excel files) or any type of file to customers or job names.

Customer reporting capabilities include:

  • Customer/job name histories by individual customer, job name or by work order promised date
  • Equipment listing by customer or job site.
  • Notepad Notes by customer or job name
  • Print directions for customer or job name
  • Customer name, address, phone listing can be filtered by a large selection of criteria.
  • Customer service agreement reporting
  • Customer warranty reporting & Serial Number reporting
  • Customer sales and profitability reporting
  • Job costing by customer
  • Customer service history for customers or job names
  • Service history by equipment type and/or serial number.
  • Service history by address, regardless of current resident.
  • Interest reporting by Customer.
  • Discount reporting by Customer.

Work Orders, Invoices & Quotes

Work Orders, Invoices, Quotes and Credit Memos all are produced in the same powerful program.

Work Orders, Invoices, Quotes and Credit Memos can be printed individually or in groups, as needed, as many times as you wish.

Work Orders become completed Invoices (T & M or Flat Rate) by simply retrieving the original Work Order and then entering the items, labor, and amounts used on the job.

Quotes or In Progress jobs become completed Invoices with the click of your mouse.

Phase Billing jobs can be monitored through a series of invoices.  The system will automatically keep track of the percentage of the job completed, billed and paid amounts as it progresses.   Calculates profit margin percentage though out the duration of the job.

Automatic calculation of sales tax.

Automatic calculation of user-defined discounts.

Automatic calculation of material, labor, sales tax and discount subtotaling and totaling.

Skill levels can be assigned to scheduled job tasks so that dispatching requirements can be reviewed and matched to the correct technician.

Built-in, on-the-fly job costing that supports .0123 (four digits to the right of the decimal point) part costing, provides instant cost/retail/profit margin analysis on each invoice or quote. This sensitive information can be restricted to individual users.

Built-in alpha paging interface allows you to immediately page technicians with work order info and directions from the Work Order screen or Dispatch Board.  With the click of your mouse, you can select which fields of the work order information are sent when you page your technicians.  Interfaces with two different paging software packages.

Work Orders, Invoices, Quotes and Credit Memos can be printed in a variety of formats using plain paper or pre-printed forms.  They can also be faxed or e-mailed directly from the program.

Attach .jpg (pictures) , .doc (Word documents) , .txt (text files),  .xls (Excel files) or any type of file to invoices.

You can . . .

  • enter your own headings to be used on the forms.
  • change fonts used on the printed data to whatever fonts your have on your system!
  • suppress printing part numbers, part amounts, labor details or entire lines of an invoice.
  • print flat rate billing jobs as a lump sum on the invoice or split into T & M components.
  • Set up standard text and messages to be printed on invoices, work orders and quotes.
  • Designate the colors to be used on self printed forms.
  • Print your own Company logo on self printed forms.

Produce and schedule Recurring Invoices automatically.

Produce and schedule Automatic Work Orders and Automatic Invoices for preventive maintenance customers. These can be set up on individualized maintenance and billing cycles according to your customer's needs.

User-defined invoicing flags alert you to special circumstances or slow-paying accounts before work is authorized.

"Balance Due" warning displays automatically when customer account balances are past due.  Balance window instantly displays a customer's open invoices and their account balance.

Links Purchase Orders to invoices with ability to paste PO contents to the invoice.

Flat Rate Billing jobs can be pasted to the invoice from easy to use look up windows. Flat Rate billing invoices can be completed with the click of the mouse.

Parts and materials can be pasted to the invoice using sequential look up windows or alpha search function on either part number, catalog number or part description.  The alpha search function searches for "any text" in either part number, catalog, or part description fields.

Part and equipment bar codes can be scanned onto any invoice by using any standard keyboard "wedge" scanner.

Notes can be time stamped and added to any Work Order, Invoice, Quote or Credit Memo by using the Notepad feature.

User-defined Invoice Groups can be set up so that individual invoices can be assigned to a group as they are completed.  This allows you to report on the profitability of certain types of jobs or groups of invoices.

Unique Price Guide window displays an instant history of invoices that fall into an invoice group.  The Price Guide lists the cost, retail and profit for each invoice listed.  It highlights the lowest and highest priced invoices in the group and automatically calculates the average for the entire group.

"On-the-fly" part setup capabilities.

Unlimited number of trucks or technicians can be used on an invoice.

Unlimited number of labor charges can be used on an invoice.

Date stamp capabilities on individual labor charges allows you to capture the exact dates that labor was expended throughout the span of the entire job.

Built-in security features allow you to block sensitive invoicing functions and information based upon established user access levels and passwords.

Accounts Receivable

Prints Statements on plain paper or preprinted forms.  Your Company logo can even be printed on self printed forms. Statements can be e-mailed or faxed to your customers directly from the program.

Set up standard messages and past due messages to be printed on customer statements.

Generates interest charges automatically on past due invoices.

Prints 30-60-90 day aging reports.

Prints customer payment and past due reports.

Prints past due customer mailing labels.

Prints interest report, by individual customer.

Prints discount report by customer.

Sales Tax Calculation & Reporting

Sales tax calculated automatically by tax type of customer.

Tax types can be set up using multiple percentage components per type. For example, a total sales tax percentage of 8.00% can be set up as having 4.0% to the State, 3.0% to the City, and 1.0% to the County. Reports show dollar amounts collected that correspond to percentage of tax collected for each entity.

Sales tax can be calculated based upon the cost or retail amount of materials and/or labor.

Sales tax can be calculated differently based upon whether the customer is residential or commercial.

Customers can be set up as tax-exempt with reports showing tax exempt sales figures.

Parts can be set up as taxable or nontaxable items.

Sales Tax Reports document:

  • Taxable sales, by sales tax type and totaled by State.
  • Nontaxable sales by sales tax type and totaled by State
  • Exempt sales by sales tax type and totaled by State
  • Nontaxable Exempt sales and totaled by State
  • Customer payments collected on taxable sales

Preventive Maintenance Tracking & Scheduling

Unlimited number of types of service agreements can be set up for your company.

Automatically calculates the effective and expiration dates of the service agreement.

Automatically calculates the next service activity date for each customer or job name location.

Service agreement information (contract type, effective, expiration, last and next service dates) are automatically displayed on the work order screen and can be printed on work orders/invoices.

Service Agreement Reporting on:

  • specific types of service agreements by customer.
  • expiring service agreement contracts.
  • next scheduled maintenance dates by customer and date range.
  • profitability of service agreement types.
  • profitability of service agreement contracts by customer.

Automatically generates work orders and individualized invoices for preventive maintenance.

Automatically schedules the work orders for preventive maintenance on Dispatch Board.

Produces mailing labels and word processing merge files for preventive maintenance notices and correspondence.

Warranty Tracking

Equipment installed at customer and job name locations can be entered manually or automatically through invoicing when serialized equipment under warranty is invoiced.

Equipment listing is immediately available on the screen for any location.

Serial numbers can be entered into inventory at the time of purchase.

Serial numbers can be captured at the time of sale of serialized equipment or by manual entry at a later date.

Warranty expiration date calculated automatically based upon type of warranty the equipment carries.

Equipment listing can be printed by customer or job site showing number, description, serial number, warranty effective/expiration dates and invoice number if sold through system.

Warranty Expiration reports lists expiring warranties by customer, date and specific equipment & serial numbers.

Mailing labels can be generated for customers with expiring equipment warranties.

Dispatching & Job Scheduling

Powerful, full-featured, calendar dispatching and scheduling.  Allows you to see the full schedule or review the details of a single work order with the click of a mouse.

You can group your dispatch zones together so that you can personalize different schedules by dispatcher and they only view and edit their particular zones. 

Graphically displayed schedule allows for easy viewing.  Multiple viewing options allow you to decide how the schedule is displayed.   A click of the mouse allows you to change the captions for the estimated blocks of time for each job.  These blocks of time can be captioned by work order number, customer name, job name, city or zip code.

Posts work orders to the dispatch board automatically (for a single day or for weeks at a time!)

Skill levels are assigned to scheduled job tasks so that dispatching requirements can be reviewed and matched to the correct technician's skill level.

You can  email schedules and/or work orders to technicians in the field from the Dispatch Board.

Displays schedules by date.

Displays schedules by week.

Displays schedules by month.

Sorts schedules by promised date, promised time, job priority and more!

Miscellaneous time not attributable to work orders can be scheduled for vacations, training, shop time, etc!

Displays estimated timelines (blocks of time) for each job in up to 20 different priority colors and 99 priority levels.

Time stamping capabilities on dispatch, arrival and finish times automatically calculates labor time on the job and travel time to the job.   A report can be generated detailing this information for any given time frame.

Schedule Reports can list all items currently scheduled or show any work orders and invoices not yet scheduled on the dispatch board.

Automatic job status posting to the dispatch board allows you tell instantly where your service technicians are at any time of the day.

Automatic rollover feature can be used for unfinished jobs.

Prints truck schedules by date, time and priority including specific directions to job site.

Job Scheduling Preferences allow you to set up standard defaults to facilitate dispatching and scheduling.

Performance Reporting

Service person productivity, with comparison of billed to unbilled hours and comparison to expected budget levels.

Salesman productivity with comparisons to expected budget.

Department productivity with comparison to expected budget figure.

Profit/Loss and Job costing by specific truck, salesman, department, customer, job name, customer group, invoice group, service agreement type, phase billing job or company-wide.

Flat Rate Billing report compares actual hours worked to projected labor hours.  Report can be limited to invoices where labor hours went over or under the anticipated labor time.

Comprehensive labor reporting by technician for all types of invoices.

Unlimited Multi-Site Inventory Control

No Limits on the number of parts in the system.

No Limits on the number of trucks (or other locations) for each part’s inventory.

Built-in import function to import part files received from vendors.  This is a TRUE import function.   We don't just let you paste parts onto your invoices.  We actually create part records within the Bottom Line part master file to give you the ability to utilize these items fully throughout the system.

Automatic retail price calculation based upon your own markup table.

Part Costing capabilities to the fourth decimal place (ex. .0123).

Completely tracks serialized inventory from the time of purchase to installation at a job site.

Attach .jpg (pictures) , .doc (Word documents) , .txt (text files),  .xls (Excel files) or any type of file to any part.

Reduces truck or warehouse inventory automatically at the time of invoicing.

Replenishes inventory levels automatically when parts are received.

Prints Purchase Orders on plain paper or preprinted forms.  Purchase Orders can be faxed or e-mailed from within the program.

Reconciles Vendor Invoices with the Purchase Orders when items are received.

Links POs to customer invoices with capability to paste items and materials from an invoice or quote to a PO.

Automatically can paste items and materials from flat rate jobs to a PO.

Tracks Items on Backorder and displays backorder message on individual parts.

Instant, on-line purchase history by part.

"On-the-fly" part setup capabilities.

System-wide part look up capabilities by part number, catalog number,  part name, model number, or part group.  Part bar codes can be scanned onto purchases orders or vendor invoices by using any standard "wedge" keyboard scanner.

Part Labels can be printed in a variety of formats, including the ability to print bar codes on the labels.

Global part markup and part file editing capabilities.

"On-the-fly" part markup capabilities.

Part Preferences allow you to set up standard defaults to facilitate setting up new parts and equipment.

Ability to link parts by part number.

Vendor file maintenance and listing.

Notes can be added for any part or PO by using the Notepad feature.

Part and Inventory Reporting capabilities include:

  • part sales by part or by part group (i.e., refrigerant tracking)
  • part purchases history by group or individual part (refrigerant tracking)
  • open Purchase Orders, paid POs, unpaid POs
  • backordered items
  • inventory levels for any location of inventory
  • price list (optionally by location) with ability to suppress cost figures
  • reorder reporting based upon current inventory levels compared to required minimum
  • restock reporting and pick tickets by warehouse or truck based upon sales activity.
  • serialized inventory reporting.

Flat Rate Billing Database

Sophisticated, powerful, Job Builder program allows you to build your own flat rate billing unlimited database by grouping parts, material, labor and tax together to arrive at flat rate prices.

Automatic calculation of desired markup by category.

Print your own flat rate books in a variety of formats, or export the books to a word processor.  Flat Rate Books can be printed using a bar code for the flat rate task number.

Print field copies by suppressing the printing of sensitive information.

Print supervisor copies for management.

Attach .jpg (pictures) , .doc (Word documents) , .txt (text files),  .xls (Excel files) or any type of file to flat rate billing jobs.

Globally recalculate flat rate billing jobs based upon changing part prices, sales taxes, etc.

Create boilerplate time and material job database within the Job Builder.

"On-the-fly" part setup capabilities.

Flat Rate Billing Interface (optional) can import flat rate jobs from Callahan/Roach, Maio, Profit Strategies,  Flat Rate Plus!, Collier Jennings or NSPG directly into the Job Builder program.

Report on flat rate billing item sales & job costing.

Marketing & Sales Lead Analysis

Prints mailing labels for mass mailings with the ability to use any font on your system.

Creates merge files for Microsoft Word and WordPerfect.

Exports label data for import into bulk mailing software programs.

A wide variety of filter criteria targets specific types of customers.

You can produce mailing labels or merge files for:

  • Customers living in specific zip codes
  • Customers who have expiring service agreements
  • Customers who have service agreement activity due
  • Customers who have expiring equipment warranties on specific parts
  • Customers who have not done business with you for awhile
  • Customers who have had work done by a specific department of your company
  • Customers who HAVE done business with you recently
  • Customers who fall into specific customer groups
  • Customers who are late paying their bills

Sales lead analysis helps you determine where your advertising dollars are working the best.

Reminders create an electronic tickler file.

System users are notified at the time they sign on when there are Reminders for them.

Reminders can be confidential or broadcast to all users.

Reminders can be printed by date and time.

Accounting Interface

An optional interface that allows you to export information from the Bottom Line Service System into QuickBooks, QuickBooks Pro, Peachtree, Peachtree Complete, Peachtree Premium or M.Y.O.B. This option is available at an additional cost to the base system.

The amounts from customer invoices produced in Bottom Line can be imported into the General Ledger of these accounting systems. The amounts that can be exported include material sales, labor sales, sales tax, cost of goods sold and payments.

Vendor Invoices produced in Bottom Line can be imported into the Accounts Payable module (as an actual bill) of these accounting systems.

Initial setup in Bottom Line allows you to "map" how these items should post into the accounting system. This is accomplished by telling Bottom Line which account numbers should be used to post to when customer invoice sales, customer payments, costs of goods sold and vendor invoices are exported.

After setup, a posting program allows you to create an export file, compatible with your accounting system, and placed on your computer’s hard drive.

Then, you entering the accounting system and import the file created by the posting program.

The Accounting Interface works with any of the aforementioned accounting systems and you can change the accounting system you are interfacing with within our system.

Flat Rate Billing Interface

An optional interface that works with Callahan/Roach, Maio, Flat Rate Plus!, Profit Strategies,  Collier/Jennings or NSPG. This option is available at an additional cost to the base system.

This interface allows you to use flat rate billing jobs, created by one of these other vendors, on your Bottom Line Service System invoices.

This is a TRUE interface. We don’t simply paste the items from the other system on your invoices. We actually build your files in Bottom Line with the information provided by these vendors.

Your Bottom Line Service System part file can be built automatically using the parts contained on the flat rate billing data obtained from these companies. This allows us to reduce inventory levels automatically as the flat rate billing jobs are invoiced.

If you are using Maio or Flat Rate Plus!, Collier/Jennings, Profit Strategies or NSPG the flat rate billing jobs are imported directly into the Job Builder program within Bottom Line. That allows you to manipulate these jobs directly within Bottom Line, if you wish.  Flat Rate Billing books can be printed from Bottom Line or can be exported into your word processing software.

The Flat Rate Billing Interface works with ANY or ALL of these systems at the same time.

System Wide Ease of Use

Unique Hotkey Manager offers a graphical menu of hotkey buttons to instantly jump or "hotkey" to frequently used programs. Access to these programs is one mouse click away.

Personalize your Bottom Line screen and input field colors by user without relying on the current Windows color scheme.

Look up windows in all fields perform automatic sequential search based upon partial entry of data in the field. Key in the first few characters of an item, click your right mouse button and the look up window opens the data file right where those typed characters fall alphabetically.

Alpha search capability searches for strings of characters no matter where those characters fall within the field. Powerful tool for locating addresses, names and parts. Type "Copper" in a part description, click the alpha search button, and the window opens showing all parts with "Copper" anywhere in the description.

Automatic date range entry through selection of preset date ranges. No need to enter 01/01/21 thru 12/31/21 to produce reports. Simply select "This Year" from a listing of 17 preset date ranges. The system will automatically enter a date range from the beginning of the current year to the ending of the current year.

Look up windows can be accessed by function key on the keyboard, clicking the look up icon with your mouse or by simply right-clicking your mouse pointer directly at the look-up field.

Case sensitive help notes provide instant access to step-by-step instructions for every screen and window. "Point-n-Click" help lets you point to any area on the screen for an instant explanation of that area of the system.

Icon Hints instantly appear when the mouse pointer is positioned over an icon or button to tell you exactly what happens when that button is pressed. Windows 10 user interface takes advantage of the latest Windows features.

Function key equivalents are placed on every icon to help you "stay on the keyboard", if you so desire.

System-wide security features provide the ability to totally limit and control any user's access to all programs in the system.

Download the Demo . . .  and see for yourself that what we do . . .  we do very well.

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